About equipment


Equipments proposed  by us have 5 or 6 filtered  membrane system.

The 1st filter is pressed cotton in factory condition. This filter retains everything – rust, slit, sand, gravel etc. existing in water in itself. Porosity of the first filter equals to 5 mcr., 1 mcr. is 1 / 1000 part of 1 mm. 1st filter is called cediment. Cediment means  having 1 access and 1 exit.

2nd filter – is called fine coal. That’s active carbon. This coal is not the same ordinary  coal that we know, it is a version that has been obtained  by heating  coconut tree  in 3000 °C. This filter retains – chlorine, gas, odor, color, taste in itself.

3rd filter is pressed activated carbon. Porosity of this filter  equals to 1 micron. It retains heavy metals existing in water in itself. For example: iron, copper, lead, mercury wastes etc. Water is transmitted into hydrophore (pressure tank) from the 3rd filter. Hydrophore (pressure tank) operates in 3-6 atmosphere and transmits water  to 4th filter.

4th filter is called Membrane. Membrane was firstly invented in NASA Space Agency in America by means of NANO technology. Membrane is the main part of equipment. It plays a role similar to the role of  kidney in human body. Membrane means to have 1 access and 2 exits. Purified water is collected in tank by  being filtered from 1st exit. And the waste water is discharged to sewerage system through 2nd exit. Porosity of membrane is10 angstrom. 1 ang. is 1 / 10.000 part of 1 mm. As we know from the science of Virology, the size of the smallest parasite virus is 20 angstrom. But the size of minerals needed for human body is maximum 6 angstrom. These minerals – are calcium, magnesium, natrium (sodium), floriude etc.. No any parasite and virus has chance to pass through membrane. But minerals necessary for human body can easily pas through membrane. Here Hydrophore (pressure tank)   serves easy passage and transmission of water from membrane. Water is transmitted to the tank after membrane. There is air 2-3 lt. air bag in tank. Here its capacity may vary and be 6 lt., 8 lt. , 11 lt. etc. The inside part of tank is from polyethylene.  And its surface is thermos flask. From tank water is transmitted to 5th filter  and then to faucet.

5th filter is  last activated carbon. There is 5 % silver powder in the composition of this filter. It recovers daily taste and freshness of water. Adaptor runs 220 v – 24 v.