Heavy metals


Aluminum. It is not such metal which has high damage. But when it is in high dosage in water, it damages nerve system very highly.

Antimony. Although its hazards have not been completely found, it was revealed it breaks heart beats.

Arsenic. It is the heavy metal whose name is more frequently called. Arsenic which gets more in drinkable water allows more hazards. At past, princess used arsenic for whitening their skins. Arsenic prevents the energy production in body. So, red blood cells in body burst. Arsenic also prevents the energy obtaining oxygen in body. So that body gets energy that will be obtained by burning 5glucose instead of burning of 1glucose.

Chrome. The most hazardous side of this metal for human body is liver diseases and weakening of immune system. At the same time, it is a heavy metal which creates condition for cancer.

Copper. Is one of the important elements for human body. But when it is adopted above norm, it is dangerous for liver and brain.

Barium. Enables to the weakening of muscles, brain and liver disease and break in heart beats.

Mercury. It is heavy metal for human.

Cadmium. Is in 2 forms in body. 1st one breaks the activity of kidneys. It enables various diseases. And the second one, collects in bones along with calcium. And it causes to the break of bone when replaces calcium in bones. At the same time, it causes to infertility. It damages nerve system.

Lead. Western Roman Empire prepared water pipes and a number of other things from lead. For a long time, lead which found a way to body Roman people’s end came. As time passes, it leaded to infertility in women and metal disability of newborns. So, empire’s senseless act caused to the collapse of empire.

Nickel. The probability of formation of cancer is more higher.

Platinum. As a metal it doesn’t have more hazards, but its salts are very dangerous. Main dangers is cancer, problems in digestive system and weakening of immune system.

Scandium. Is rare heavy metal. Its collection in the body prevents the full activity of liver.

These elements have a lethal effect if they will be 1 ppm:

1 ppm-1mg / l
Hg-mercury   Zn-sink
Pb-lead   Cu-copper

The following 8 elements are very dangerous: