Softening systems


Softening system is designed to remove the hardness. As there is Ca and MG in the melted form in the composition of water which belong to Cationic ions class, they are the main factors giving hardness to water. If raw material  is water in production, in this case it should be soft. The best way for removing hardness in water is ION-exchange method. In this case, Sodium ions are given  instead of Ca and MG ions. Retsina  is saturated substance with sodium ions. Formula of Retsina is Divinil petrol. Retsina collects 2+ value Ca and Mg ions in itself on the basis of service (during operation).

Washing process is called regeneration. On the basis of regeneration process, Na ions is given to equipment. As Na ion is easily merged with  NaCl, salty water is used.  While Retsina catches Na ion, it discharges Ca and Mg. in this way, ions that gives hardness to water is thrown to drainage. And the equipment gets ready for the next operating process by the regeneration of Retsina.

One of the main factors that gives hardness to the water is Sodium Silicate. Washing process take 90 minutes. Retsina purifies water that has saltiness of maximum 750 ppm.

Porosity of water is measured  with France:

1fr = 10ppm = mg / l